domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

true science, quantum lonelyness how you maybe immortal but nobody else is

science has been strugling with the measure issue or the problem of duality wave particle of the light

its been demonstrated that in the double slit experiment where a photon is sent through a barrier with two slits the photon goes through both, goes through none, goes through the left slit and goes through the right slit, all of them are true and all of them are false by logical exclusion

so the mainstream accepted view of the universe by high standing guys as hawkings is the many worlds theory, this universe is actually a multiverse

basically shroedinger cat(better kill a cat than a dog i guess but using a dog would be more catchy to the observer) is in superimposition both death an alive

but he cant have the perception of himself death because if he is death he will not have a perception, hence the cat is immortal, only can have the perception of himself alive

but this bring fear in the horizont, will i age for ever, forever getting older and older and slowly consuming?

thats where an horrror might be a blessing in disguise what about cancer?

cancer cells are immortal they have the potential to reproduce forever contrary to normal cells who have a timer

does cancer kill you in trillion worlds but in one makes you forever young?

but oh grey clouds appear again in the horizont, youll live forever but forever alone cause you can not have the perception of yourself death but you can perfectly have the perception of others

this is actually pretty scarry but maybe theres an easy simple way to cross dimensions

maybe sometime even mankind in the future is called to have multidimensional perception, seeing themselves at the same time at all universes in which they exist and seeing whats aleatorium fate and fixed destiny

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