jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

could movies be actually real and the news false

which sissy hollywood actor would get even close to such sharp razor as these:

were they insuranced against losing an eye?

i wont get into from the many worlds approach so somehow movies however ridiculuos are true in some universe

what if hollywood secret is a chronovisor to obtain images from other dimensions?

dirty harry would be real but clint eastwood would be cgi, the actors who produce millions arent paid cause they dont exist, nearly everybody in hollywood would be cgi but the directors who know the secret

it just happens that dirty harry is an interesting guy weaher he lives in modern times as a cop or in old times as a cowboy,clint eastwood movies would be documentaries on a charismatic guy

then if movies are real what about news could they be false?, watch this and tell me:

watch this video of the prime minister from rusia admittin of aliens living among us without us noticing

this info its not important what is important is that he calls the movie men in black a chronicle documentary, he knows mib movie is real:

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