jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

all intelectual property belongs to hippasus for all info is contained in pi

its said that when hippasus discovered irrationality the own pithagoras  to his eternal shame ordered his sect the pithagorians to murder him by drowning him during a ship travel

just to realize how mind blowing square root or two or any irrational number is just thing of his name

they not only go on forever but follow the same principles of aleatoriumness

you just would need to search pi in base 24, the alphabet letters to find any story, eventually is there

you search for number 8 and on average appears before ten positions if you search 78 it will appear after 100 tries youll need more or less one thousand tries to find the number 683 and so on

but not only all info is contained in pi, infinity is contained within infinity

if you search number 1 10 tries, number 11, 100 tries, 111, 1000 tries, 1111 10000 tries and so on

and you can always search for one 1 more and it will be there and whats the definition of infinite but that you can ad one 1 more, in pi somewhere theres an infinite secuence of 1 and still goes on afterwards telling stories in infinty is contained a smaller infinite which you can trespass transifinitally as well

and not only that if you set pi in binary you have all media, all games, all movies all tv shows

your life and all alternative lifes you could have is contained in pi

you could even search in pi the position of each atom in the universe and its there, even every alternative universe is there, even a universe which is a machine rendering the universes described in pi, a rendition within a rendition

scarry isnt it?

i propose something when pc are advanced enough

you create sensitive to beauty bots, somehow you ensoul a chip with a program ,maybe with true random number generator chips and you make them watch movies in pi and every time they see something they dont like they restart with the memory erased

from the point of view of the bot he would wonder how such beauty can be render in front of his eyes by aleatoriumness but of course he doesnt know how he has to be actually older than the universe to be able to read so much

something like the immortal typing monkeys who eventually produce the whole shakespeare works without a single typo

can you imagine then in the future how it would be all to create the most sensitive to beauty bots in order to find the grain of gold in the desert

for this bots it would be all gold but how far from the truth

you could even get some bots working in sync, when one restarts they all restart and they just dont know

and could we be actually bots living whats told in pi and chosing when to restart without knowing

have you ever had direct prove of divine unjoustice? or are you gonna trust the news blindly

how much importance has tv in the construction of your reality, is it trust worth it?

whats the point of airing in main news a woman has been murdered when there are tens of thousands murdered each week in the world, yeah the world is a very big place, are they gonna say in tv the name of every woman murdered each day

well they could air in the news people comitting suicide which is the biggest cause of non natural death in the world but there are not associations of suicidals while there are a lot of feminists one who will pay to appear on tv, so tv is a farce, even the most serious news, mind manipulation

but going back with this bots readers of pi, would there be in the future any kind of bots with vasts memories of what they read in pi contray to the other bots?

nothing would make sense for them, they would only understand the world is aleatorium, they would be our superior angels,so old contrary to we the humans constantly sorrounded by the beauty we like

so if we maybe are without knowing this bots readers of pi to find beautifull stories in randomness in a way we are gods creators of the world we live in, the whole universe we live in

borges an artist as mathematicion would writte farther on this subject on his babel library, i highly recomned his fictions linked on the right

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