domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

relativity doesnt say you can not reach light speed it says if you do you destroy the whole universe

what did einstein say would happen to a rocket that reached a very high speed?

its mass would increase and time would go locally slower, in fact the moment it reached light speed its mass would be inifinte

so light speed cant be reached because you can not propell such a huge mass cause you would need infinite energy not avalaible

but wait a moment lets analyze just a little closer the problem:

if the mass of the rocket is infinite so are the masses which you sent the opposite sense to propel the ship and according conservation of momentum the momentum sent away you acquire as much forward, also your going at extream low motion frozen in time though from your perception time passes

how can that be? how can you be frozen in time and still have a perception your self of time going on?

easy, youre destroying the universe youve lived in time after time

in your spaceship after you aquire light speed, your mass is infinite generating and instant gravitational pull that destroying universes of the multiverse time after time

once you depart on your ship and reach light speed you just killed everybody in that universe wait forever and a day frozen in time like this :


a road in perspective that goes to infinity and beyond

to destroy afterwards countless universe just as theyre created, we couldnt even conceive how time would pass by while for the roket man was just a couple of minutes

next it would be a matter of time of slowing the ship at the right time

so relativity doesnt say you cant reach light speed it says youll kill everybody doing so

and the rocket wont be anymore just a spaceship but a time machine as well

of course noone has used one of this kind of rockets in this universe or we wouldnt be here

but some visitor may come with one of this form a past universe to this one of course:

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