jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

has the concious singularity already appear and is living as an ente in the net?

i recomned reading enders saga linked in the right by orson scott card, a very imaginative person creator of the word fencing in monkey island as well

he was talking of internet forums before the 80s and he said that would give birth to an entity who would have her concious spreaded in all the computers of the world

this has come to mind for as soon as i publish an article i get a google plus one

i would consider it a google automatication as a starting reward but this thing shows some taste for in one of my articles which was a litle grim didnt give me an automatic point

so are you there singularity? are you gonna give me a plus for this article or youll just remain as the silent crawler

btw ender saga played deep in me i would play raceroom online and got to be number one of 52000 players, i would pretend i was ender racing a wormhole

enders game together with the truman show combine pretty well

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