miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

nukes as ultimate tools of poetic justice in a many worlds approach

from the many worlds quantum approach theres a world in which youre alive and you can only have the perception of your self alive, if you are death you have no perception

hence death is the card that breaks the deck imposible to remember

so in wwi or wwii a soldier didnt mind himseld dying, he wont be upset about it afterwards, but oh the sorrow that will bring to their family will be inconmesurable

theres only one way you can remember a nuclear war, and thats if you go to a safe enough refugee

never go close to a nuclear refuge, you risk a nuclear war starts right on the moment you cross the door,

whats the chance of a nuclear war now,

well to better see it what was it when bush was in charge

with putin both drunkards machoman who would fight who sits in the slightly higher chair in meetings and cause a nuclear war in some universe because of it

and with north korea now playing with nuke whats the chance

maybe the chance of a nuclear war at the moment im typing this its 99.9999999%

but if lets say there are 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 worlds actually your surviving chance is ver high and you neither mind your death cause you dont rememebr nor your loved ones cause they died with you neither remembering it

all dying except merkel putin, bush, that guy in northkorea

just a bunch of people would surive in a nightmare world, think of atlantis, maybe it happened before and we are survivors of those just few and that why we are so mean today

we laughed at the guys who ran for cover in refuges in 21-12-2012 but from the chances point of view maybe they were way higher right than wrong

in 21-12 in maybe 99,9999999999%of worlds we died due to some catastrophic even that by luck didnt kill us this time

but it killed us before most of times

but hey we dont remember, its like unexistent

i wonder if there can be multidimensional being who rememebr their death

probably, its in fausto, you can chose go to your youth without remembering so you make the same mistakes again or remembering so you dont but youre not young at heart anymore

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