viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

how the most powerfull beings of the universe are trying to kill me but now even that bores me

first i want them to suceed i dont want to die in an elderly retirement place but quantum immortality seems doesnt let it be other way

of course i dont notice but by small clues, im like closeau a stupid with a lot of luck

of course i cant see the ricochet or the free will big bang bomb will exlpode like you cant see the gorilla in the selective attention test for its too unexpected and you detonate the bomb when you see it so you can only not see it

the alien who are multidimensional and try to conquer earth cant even show up, if i detonate the bomb if i see a gorilla imagine if a see an lien

i remember when they tried blitzkriegs, is it posible to stop all sound on earth before you even notice

apparently not, maybe they take the hugest effort to stop sound, attack, you fart and then you screw them

a nervous break down is mostly always a psicological attack by not human beings

all schizophrenic are right in a way, what they dont know is of course they are being decieved to put them into that state

i can tell you the voices are very real, telepathy, even hallucinations, just transdimentional issus that not all can percieve

i remember being under attack a couple of years ago, it was really mean i couldnt stand much longer

but i had discovered the power of sound of free will long ago so i wished at the snap of my finger those who would lead their voice, those spirits call them, or alien or angels or whatever got crucified and impalated in the most posible painfull way they would take care of research gogleplexes of times

boy they were silent ever since, they thought they were the only who could be mean they would not expect that sudden turn of me to the dark side

but im so bored now, i write this to subverse the empire so maybe they attack and entertain me

they dont realize every time they attack and i notice is like telling me that my love is very real real and never a waste a time and that my mom is alive in some universe and i wont even get old and live forever here on heaven on some earth in some universe which i should find out how to easily cross as animals do

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

how all the succesfull bloggers and such belong to a majorritarial secret society

today in the morning int he radio they were arranging a date for a guy and a girl who didnt know each other suddenly the girl asks does he have chips? the guest told yeah he already said he had two

this reminds me of a dating program the guy had to chose between a devil and an angel literally im still wonder why everybody dispiced the angel and the guy finally chose the devil dog

giving a guy antipsicotics its the same than giving him drugs antihomosexuality

i wonder how it is so normal when a guy has odd thoughts to give him drugs so he becomes normal, whats wrong with being crazy, being crazy is a blessing, why that association the media does with crazyness and violence when theres no such

why not to put lithium in water as well as fluoride, whats more important your teeth or your mental health lets be cautious and take measure in advance

if water had been lithized in 20th century hitler would have had some as well as stalin and the world would be a much better place now

or maybe hitler was just evil and not crazy

jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

what is better the death of a single being or the death of the whole universe?

if a single being dies that will bring sadness to its loved ones, sadness which will be caught by the whole world in just 6 degrees of friendshipness

but the death of the universe, everybody dissapearing instantly without even noticing, well whats wrong with that you just relive your live again slightly different, dont you love your life?, maybe in next aeon

in fact how easy has set god for this universe to be destroyed?

we just cant posibly know how easy this universe is to destory based on practical experience

so you sneeze and in a trillion tries it hasnt destoryed the universe?

how do you know it didnt destroy it a trillion times minus one the one where you can tell, you just wouldnt remember how practical is experience on this?

as a matter of fact the many worlds approach is hatefull unless theres some free will into what to live an not, it would be like forcing somebody to read every psoible book, insanity at its highest

unless theres a really easy way to destroy universe we just dont know about live would be a nightmare, i think every time you get slightly scared you just destroeyd some, ever feel that little rush of adrenaly, uh? and an universe is forever gone

martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

fire and sound the most powerfull weapons in the universe

basically from our monodimensional perception there are things that destroy partially the planet which are highly dangerous

but there are others which destroy fully the planet and hence since we dont notice we dim them as safe

what if i told you that every time you light a light the earth atmosphere ignites turning earth into another sun, of course nitrogen is flammable, even think water, hidrogen highly flamable mixed with oxigen, but remember quantum immortality is at work just as that rihanna video
sound on the other hand its even worse its likely to cause a bigbang

in most dimensions sound is highly forbidden, theyre telepathic and everythings design to make no sound the closer they know to sound this people are this kind of highly forbidden texts:

what do you think this song is hinting at but at a multidimensional war against this realm of silence:

basically behind the intention of these extradimentional being to supress sound theres the intention to supress free will the ability to destroy the undesired universe at will

what these people want is supress free will to make us live all, a nothingness life by living it all, the death of individuality for your life would be mine as well, the death of the multiverse

on the other hand theres our side who promote sound as an expresion of the beauty of free will, when we are happy with a work we clap hands and as seen in peter pan clapping hands is so powerfull it can even safe a fairys life

everything in our dimension is designed to produce sound , not just by evolution as hunger produces sound in an stomach freeze sound in our teeth, women when scared will scream, due to our monlocation we cant even imagine the power of sound

just think if you were to go to another planet in the rest of the universe where sound and fire are banned a threatening alien may shoot you with a for us harmless flashlight and expect us to scare

the flashlight kill us in innumerable universes but we dont mind cause we are not multidimentional we dont notice so we dont care

the alien would freak out at us he would consider us of inconmensurable braveness facing death without blinking

there are much talk of life in other planets

theres no life in other planets theres jsut life on earth in this universe of course earth exists in multiple universes inhabited by all kind of odd being, this are the aliens that visits us, alternative version of ourselves

but again being monodimentional is not normal, the normal thing is being multidimentional

this implies living forever and being forever old for as long as theres one simultaneous yourself in different dimentions your stream of counciousness will go on

but they could face death as well if at the moment of death there was no other simultaneous self

so these gods can know the human death proper from mortals, but actually in the multiverse this death would be just a lost of memories in order to be trully young again