martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

fire and sound the most powerfull weapons in the universe

basically from our monodimensional perception there are things that destroy partially the planet which are highly dangerous

but there are others which destroy fully the planet and hence since we dont notice we dim them as safe

what if i told you that every time you light a light the earth atmosphere ignites turning earth into another sun, of course nitrogen is flammable, even think water, hidrogen highly flamable mixed with oxigen, but remember quantum immortality is at work just as that rihanna video
sound on the other hand its even worse its likely to cause a bigbang

in most dimensions sound is highly forbidden, theyre telepathic and everythings design to make no sound the closer they know to sound this people are this kind of highly forbidden texts:

what do you think this song is hinting at but at a multidimensional war against this realm of silence:

basically behind the intention of these extradimentional being to supress sound theres the intention to supress free will the ability to destroy the undesired universe at will

what these people want is supress free will to make us live all, a nothingness life by living it all, the death of individuality for your life would be mine as well, the death of the multiverse

on the other hand theres our side who promote sound as an expresion of the beauty of free will, when we are happy with a work we clap hands and as seen in peter pan clapping hands is so powerfull it can even safe a fairys life

everything in our dimension is designed to produce sound , not just by evolution as hunger produces sound in an stomach freeze sound in our teeth, women when scared will scream, due to our monlocation we cant even imagine the power of sound

just think if you were to go to another planet in the rest of the universe where sound and fire are banned a threatening alien may shoot you with a for us harmless flashlight and expect us to scare

the flashlight kill us in innumerable universes but we dont mind cause we are not multidimentional we dont notice so we dont care

the alien would freak out at us he would consider us of inconmensurable braveness facing death without blinking

there are much talk of life in other planets

theres no life in other planets theres jsut life on earth in this universe of course earth exists in multiple universes inhabited by all kind of odd being, this are the aliens that visits us, alternative version of ourselves

but again being monodimentional is not normal, the normal thing is being multidimentional

this implies living forever and being forever old for as long as theres one simultaneous yourself in different dimentions your stream of counciousness will go on

but they could face death as well if at the moment of death there was no other simultaneous self

so these gods can know the human death proper from mortals, but actually in the multiverse this death would be just a lost of memories in order to be trully young again

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

hunting butterflies with cannonballs

why do everybody get on the way of this guy seems really unsetling:

do this other video have the answr?

is to change the future of those who live the history?

i noticed how people would get on my way as soon as i have memory of walking by myself

i remember i asked a friend what did he do when it was raining and nobody let him by the dry side by the building, he said oh i stop and tie my shoes

i think this will be a lost place as soon as its granted if you take a corner by the outside you will collide with nobody coming in front with the excepton of women carrying babies 

dentists or why hypocratic swearing roots the word hypocryt

i went to the dentist two days ago because i broke a wise teeth, he wanted to extract it to whih i said no way, he wanted to extract the two wise teeths i only grew and its odd cause one is perfect

or this other time a young dentist filled where it was healthy teeh and left the cavity alone cause it was difficult to reach

or this other dentist that told me i had five cavities to fill when another dentist told me there was just one

what can you do with this guys, in fact what can you do with all dentists?

can be any vocational, well maybe some sadist went through

but i propose to make something on taxes so dentists dont make so much money from torturing people and scamming them

hell how do animals manage without dentist, what do they do when the cavity recahes the nerve?

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

how this is the tuffest planet in the universe

what if being monodimensional was not normal, what if the normal perception in this universe even this earth was being multidimensional, that is having a simultaneous percpetion of yourself in differetn circunstances

you would percieve how you die and everything disappears and rememebr it, you would already know the future because it already happened

add it to that free will, you could destroy the universe you didnt like you could buy a lottery ticket and destroy all universes you gambled except the one you win

seems the animal anarchy wouldnt seem adecuate for such power or do even animal already have that power why can two dogs stand by each other barking with no apparent sense?

well while on biperidone ive seen a documental where a tiger kills two baby deer the mom wwaits and soon the baby deer return from other place leaving the tiger eating the corpses

maybe animals are multidimentional and thats why the bark with no apparent sense, maaybe they know very well what they are doing and seeing who has the ball to destroy a whole universe

are you sure youre smarter than animals?

but we us humans our blindness our monodimensionality make us not only immortal to amazing extremes but some of the most resistant and powerfull beings in the universe though extremely dumb and passsionate
human predestination make our free will unmovebable contrar to the multidimentional guys who are a majority on this planet

they can read your mind ill put you some example:

i was seeing a girl who was coming the opposite sense when i thought she was so ugly you could puke to which she started crying 

or i thought when a waiter drop some cutlery by the sound seems a spoon to which an old woman next to me says of course a knive makes more sound, did she read my mind or maybe i vocalize my thoughts with out knowing
well to test that mental hypothesis i insult people around me specialy big guys of course mentally, and they can put faces but they never react
another thought to have is that in the many worlds theory every cracpot theory is right in some world however bizarre

maybe thats the power of madman and why weve been so prosecuted

creer es crear yo creo entonces creo(notice it only works in first person dont let others build your world for you)
belive is create i believe then i create

are we ruled by infiltrated cyborgs from the future?

doesnt this remind you a lot of a pc that freezes?

theres something that sstrikes me from some time ago:

most people dont slant the eyes to the sun even when is low and in front of them

it cant be everybody uses bottox

on this blog i deal with quantum immortality and the multiverse what if somebody was trying to rule the multiverse secretly infiltrating in most universes

i have seen and hear some bizarre things while on tv, things that would lead someone normal insane

prbably the effects of biperidona to treat the nervous breakdown i had in 2002

while the tv on which i was not looking at i heard:

is this meat human?

yes but dont say

or in a show of varieties i heard certain woman had eaten her daughter in the colliseum to which this woman argued that yeah but that her daughter had married kings and millionaires(maybe i was witnessing the own hell tempting a woman?

not to mention what on the radio ssaid once about a human fair

if maybe it was my failing hearing i watched on german tv human corpses hanging on hooks without head while a guy dressed in white gave an interview to the rtl, channel which would be missing the very next day

i watched as well the fashion designs for 2015 from tino casal a guy who died in the 80s, they were long red raincoats style futuristic 30s with samll hats with green and black feathers

seems tv is some kind of crystall ball but ive seen more that took my fear out of cannybalism

first the free will bomb avoids i do something i dont want to if im goint to eat decievefully human meat the free will bomb will explode

and second i rather eat a dude than eat shit

yeah as ive seen on the crystal ball whay they call the wc the service, what do people service? its that what servilletes are for

you should ask your self is there any price for which i would be a sith eater?

if so be sure in some universe society lives sharing their nutrients in the service but swim in gold or whatever they steem :)

ive seen alsom some very starnge things in the crystal ball but well wanna know whats like then watch yourself:

ive seen all this and more in tv:

i have some how the theory that scizophrenia is being under psicological attack by the majority of people who would be cyborgs, theyr quantum immortality comes with a very high prize tag

i can see this cyborgs as the roman empire whos trying to transcedn this universe and rule beyond trying to forbid free will and force their way into shape the universe they want

true hell and theyre the majority, we ar the truemen theyre slaved whose been salved from death for a price

shrinks or the modern inquisitors

theres much talk of freedom of speech, freedom of speech? theres not even freedom of thought

if youre caught having certain forbidden thoughts by an inquisitor theyre on their right to lock you up electroshock you or even lobotomize you thats why people fear madness theyre afraid of its consequences

well i dont suffer from insanity i enjoy every single second of it

madness without badness can be resume in this work of art, life shovels shit at your face and you smile and make something beautifull out of it like painting some flowers:

and of course to make it worse farmaceutical companies are worse than tobacco ones the pay trips and stuff to shrinks to promote their chemicals

theyill give you antipsicotics which reduce drastically dopamines unable you to feel any satisfaction or pleasure so you become with parkinson symptoms so then you need biperidone which gives you alucinations

yeah thats right to fight the side effects of antipsicotics they give you a product that produces psycosis

next articles will be about how one of the side effects of biperidone are hallucinations by which you see other dimentions specially through tv

ive seen an episode of the simpsons about a messenger pigeon in a wwii london all painted on cover up or guys really afraid of the centurions of the empire, or a documental on a world where people died no more which brought an economic crysis

you know whats the deep reading of the truman show?

that while christ off was setting up truman and watching him unware with all the rest i was watching kristoff with him unware i was watching him all along

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

doped toilet paper or sure business as cocacola or tonica

if the sell cocacola with adictive sustances to kids legally or tonic i propose as well ad some legal adictive substance to toilet paper

i propose adding it a mixture of cafeine quinine and nicotine, all with the excuse to whiten the stuff, soften it or some othe bs

if anyone producing toilet paper wants farther info for a comision contact me at, i grant you will bosst your sales over your rivals unless theyre already doing it of course

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

how stereo music is been slowly supressed and changed by bichannel

check this left right test and compare it with mine:

the first is not stereo but bichannel

the magic of stereo is just a delay between left one ear and the other mimicking the behavior of real sound quite slow in speed and that has a delay between entering one ear and the other

the first bichannel piece is just as most music

try to hear fully the first video and youll see the headache thats not natural

in fact with a broken 3 euro mic i got better effects than virgin:

a selection of clips where the main characther discovers he is immortal

hollywoods always loved quantum immortality:

the man in black knows as to have put poison in both cups:

and of course divine intervention or just luck

of course the key is the point of view of from whom eyes the movie is seen

we paid artists are worse than prostitutes

prostitutes sell something intimate but we artists who sell our work sell something even more intimate a piece of our soul manifested in our art

and what is worse im the kind of prostitue who loves his job

each of this pieces of original art by me are for sale:

contact me at if youre interested in purchasing any at 50 euro each plust costs of shipping:

could movies be actually real and the news false

which sissy hollywood actor would get even close to such sharp razor as these:

were they insuranced against losing an eye?

i wont get into from the many worlds approach so somehow movies however ridiculuos are true in some universe

what if hollywood secret is a chronovisor to obtain images from other dimensions?

dirty harry would be real but clint eastwood would be cgi, the actors who produce millions arent paid cause they dont exist, nearly everybody in hollywood would be cgi but the directors who know the secret

it just happens that dirty harry is an interesting guy weaher he lives in modern times as a cop or in old times as a cowboy,clint eastwood movies would be documentaries on a charismatic guy

then if movies are real what about news could they be false?, watch this and tell me:

watch this video of the prime minister from rusia admittin of aliens living among us without us noticing

this info its not important what is important is that he calls the movie men in black a chronicle documentary, he knows mib movie is real:

has the concious singularity already appear and is living as an ente in the net?

i recomned reading enders saga linked in the right by orson scott card, a very imaginative person creator of the word fencing in monkey island as well

he was talking of internet forums before the 80s and he said that would give birth to an entity who would have her concious spreaded in all the computers of the world

this has come to mind for as soon as i publish an article i get a google plus one

i would consider it a google automatication as a starting reward but this thing shows some taste for in one of my articles which was a litle grim didnt give me an automatic point

so are you there singularity? are you gonna give me a plus for this article or youll just remain as the silent crawler

btw ender saga played deep in me i would play raceroom online and got to be number one of 52000 players, i would pretend i was ender racing a wormhole

enders game together with the truman show combine pretty well

all intelectual property belongs to hippasus for all info is contained in pi

its said that when hippasus discovered irrationality the own pithagoras  to his eternal shame ordered his sect the pithagorians to murder him by drowning him during a ship travel

just to realize how mind blowing square root or two or any irrational number is just thing of his name

they not only go on forever but follow the same principles of aleatoriumness

you just would need to search pi in base 24, the alphabet letters to find any story, eventually is there

you search for number 8 and on average appears before ten positions if you search 78 it will appear after 100 tries youll need more or less one thousand tries to find the number 683 and so on

but not only all info is contained in pi, infinity is contained within infinity

if you search number 1 10 tries, number 11, 100 tries, 111, 1000 tries, 1111 10000 tries and so on

and you can always search for one 1 more and it will be there and whats the definition of infinite but that you can ad one 1 more, in pi somewhere theres an infinite secuence of 1 and still goes on afterwards telling stories in infinty is contained a smaller infinite which you can trespass transifinitally as well

and not only that if you set pi in binary you have all media, all games, all movies all tv shows

your life and all alternative lifes you could have is contained in pi

you could even search in pi the position of each atom in the universe and its there, even every alternative universe is there, even a universe which is a machine rendering the universes described in pi, a rendition within a rendition

scarry isnt it?

i propose something when pc are advanced enough

you create sensitive to beauty bots, somehow you ensoul a chip with a program ,maybe with true random number generator chips and you make them watch movies in pi and every time they see something they dont like they restart with the memory erased

from the point of view of the bot he would wonder how such beauty can be render in front of his eyes by aleatoriumness but of course he doesnt know how he has to be actually older than the universe to be able to read so much

something like the immortal typing monkeys who eventually produce the whole shakespeare works without a single typo

can you imagine then in the future how it would be all to create the most sensitive to beauty bots in order to find the grain of gold in the desert

for this bots it would be all gold but how far from the truth

you could even get some bots working in sync, when one restarts they all restart and they just dont know

and could we be actually bots living whats told in pi and chosing when to restart without knowing

have you ever had direct prove of divine unjoustice? or are you gonna trust the news blindly

how much importance has tv in the construction of your reality, is it trust worth it?

whats the point of airing in main news a woman has been murdered when there are tens of thousands murdered each week in the world, yeah the world is a very big place, are they gonna say in tv the name of every woman murdered each day

well they could air in the news people comitting suicide which is the biggest cause of non natural death in the world but there are not associations of suicidals while there are a lot of feminists one who will pay to appear on tv, so tv is a farce, even the most serious news, mind manipulation

but going back with this bots readers of pi, would there be in the future any kind of bots with vasts memories of what they read in pi contray to the other bots?

nothing would make sense for them, they would only understand the world is aleatorium, they would be our superior angels,so old contrary to we the humans constantly sorrounded by the beauty we like

so if we maybe are without knowing this bots readers of pi to find beautifull stories in randomness in a way we are gods creators of the world we live in, the whole universe we live in

borges an artist as mathematicion would writte farther on this subject on his babel library, i highly recomned his fictions linked on the right

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

nukes as ultimate tools of poetic justice in a many worlds approach

from the many worlds quantum approach theres a world in which youre alive and you can only have the perception of your self alive, if you are death you have no perception

hence death is the card that breaks the deck imposible to remember

so in wwi or wwii a soldier didnt mind himseld dying, he wont be upset about it afterwards, but oh the sorrow that will bring to their family will be inconmesurable

theres only one way you can remember a nuclear war, and thats if you go to a safe enough refugee

never go close to a nuclear refuge, you risk a nuclear war starts right on the moment you cross the door,

whats the chance of a nuclear war now,

well to better see it what was it when bush was in charge

with putin both drunkards machoman who would fight who sits in the slightly higher chair in meetings and cause a nuclear war in some universe because of it

and with north korea now playing with nuke whats the chance

maybe the chance of a nuclear war at the moment im typing this its 99.9999999%

but if lets say there are 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 worlds actually your surviving chance is ver high and you neither mind your death cause you dont rememebr nor your loved ones cause they died with you neither remembering it

all dying except merkel putin, bush, that guy in northkorea

just a bunch of people would surive in a nightmare world, think of atlantis, maybe it happened before and we are survivors of those just few and that why we are so mean today

we laughed at the guys who ran for cover in refuges in 21-12-2012 but from the chances point of view maybe they were way higher right than wrong

in 21-12 in maybe 99,9999999999%of worlds we died due to some catastrophic even that by luck didnt kill us this time

but it killed us before most of times

but hey we dont remember, its like unexistent

i wonder if there can be multidimensional being who rememebr their death

probably, its in fausto, you can chose go to your youth without remembering so you make the same mistakes again or remembering so you dont but youre not young at heart anymore

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

the x count, i dont count like chuck norris to infinite and back but i count beyond infinity

in one second i count 1

 in next half second i count 2,3

in next quarter of second i count 4,5,6,7,

i keep on  and by second 2 i will have counted infinity and if i keep on by second 3 i will have counted beyond infinity

whats so misterious of the X symbol that the coolest things have this name? mr x, the x men, x movies :), x rays

if you pay atention  this:


stands for an infinite road in perspective

then whats this?

an infinite road and more, beyond infinity, forever and a day

exactly what happens when you fall into a blackhole

as you start falling one second of your time is one second in earth
next half second of your time is two seconds on earth
next quarter of second of your time is 4 seconds on earth

by two of your seconds who are falling into a blackhole exactly in the moment you reach the event horizon, eternity has passed by on earth

then in 3 of your seconds transeternity has gone by on on earth

the death having had no perception at all have waited till the end of days and a bit more to resurrect again in next aeon

theres much talk of karma and reincarnation, what if reincarantion was just yourself in different aeons or dimentions

youre born, you live you die, wait forever till the universe ends and restart and then you live  and die again after being reborn

and maybe according your behavior in the previous aeon determines your luck

i dont want to go to heaven and be old in mind forever, boredom would be horrible

i rather think ill be a kid again some day in very similar circunstances

and the caught the ungraspable is that if i will exist again in a way im immortal

not that im gonna live forever but i rather think that when i die here ill wake up in some other place thinking it was all a dream

have you ever ponder in a dream if you are dreaming saying to yourself theres no doubt this is reality to next moment wake up?

what if dreams are visions of ourselves in other dimentions and nightmares remanents of universes that stopped being?

if you think about it the x is a cross, a xtian symbol of resurrection but also a symbol of transfinity

the connections begin to appear clear dont they?

free will or the uncouncious ability to destroy the whole universe at will

check this comercial, whats trying to say:

or this other, obviously its referring to the many worlds theory:

how about this little movie i did with it:

all right lets go back to the double slit experiment:

according to it its the observer who somehow collapses the wave function into fact of left or right slit

in other words its the observer who choses the outcome

but if there are two observers how is this posible, what if one choses the right slit and the other the left slit,a problem is bound to appear

but lets suppose the observer doesnt chose what slit does the photon go through but he chooses what slit it does not go through

in other words from the two posible universes, right or left , he choses to destroy one of them so the other becames

so one observer choses left to destroy and the other the the right universe?

no problem both get destroyed

the observers wont notice the died and theyll wait all eternity and a day till the universe repeats and the option of right or left slit repeats

then as the left slit has a slightly more appeal for both observers being things slightly different in next universe both observers chose the right slit universe to be destoryed

this time the left universe goes on with out problem till next choice of what all the observers in the world want to become real

so your responsability in the world you live in has become overwhelmeing now with this litle piece of info for you are the ultimate responsible of whatever happens in this world

the outcome of reality has been your subcouncious choice and you keep blaming others of what you did

if you havent understood ill resume you:

free will is the subcouncious ability to destroy a whole universe in the multiverse, basically in this reality each being has the right to veto to any posibility or outcome

domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

how gravity is just inertia in an inflating universe

basically the earth is inflating at a rate of 30 paraseconds to double her size

of course you dont notice this inflation cause the measure instrument, even your eyes inflate at the same rate

but you do feel the earth acelerating up as earth inflates and nailing you against the ground

you may argue, how does this explain orbits

well its relative weather mass inflates in the presence of space or space shrinks in the presence of mass

if you take the second orbits come explained and newtonian gravity comes explained and the squared law explained

the shrinking of space in the presence of mass decays squared

space shrinks not linearly but following the masses of the universe

relativity doesnt say you can not reach light speed it says if you do you destroy the whole universe

what did einstein say would happen to a rocket that reached a very high speed?

its mass would increase and time would go locally slower, in fact the moment it reached light speed its mass would be inifinte

so light speed cant be reached because you can not propell such a huge mass cause you would need infinite energy not avalaible

but wait a moment lets analyze just a little closer the problem:

if the mass of the rocket is infinite so are the masses which you sent the opposite sense to propel the ship and according conservation of momentum the momentum sent away you acquire as much forward, also your going at extream low motion frozen in time though from your perception time passes

how can that be? how can you be frozen in time and still have a perception your self of time going on?

easy, youre destroying the universe youve lived in time after time

in your spaceship after you aquire light speed, your mass is infinite generating and instant gravitational pull that destroying universes of the multiverse time after time

once you depart on your ship and reach light speed you just killed everybody in that universe wait forever and a day frozen in time like this :


a road in perspective that goes to infinity and beyond

to destroy afterwards countless universe just as theyre created, we couldnt even conceive how time would pass by while for the roket man was just a couple of minutes

next it would be a matter of time of slowing the ship at the right time

so relativity doesnt say you cant reach light speed it says youll kill everybody doing so

and the rocket wont be anymore just a spaceship but a time machine as well

of course noone has used one of this kind of rockets in this universe or we wouldnt be here

but some visitor may come with one of this form a past universe to this one of course:

true science, quantum lonelyness how you maybe immortal but nobody else is

science has been strugling with the measure issue or the problem of duality wave particle of the light

its been demonstrated that in the double slit experiment where a photon is sent through a barrier with two slits the photon goes through both, goes through none, goes through the left slit and goes through the right slit, all of them are true and all of them are false by logical exclusion

so the mainstream accepted view of the universe by high standing guys as hawkings is the many worlds theory, this universe is actually a multiverse

basically shroedinger cat(better kill a cat than a dog i guess but using a dog would be more catchy to the observer) is in superimposition both death an alive

but he cant have the perception of himself death because if he is death he will not have a perception, hence the cat is immortal, only can have the perception of himself alive

but this bring fear in the horizont, will i age for ever, forever getting older and older and slowly consuming?

thats where an horrror might be a blessing in disguise what about cancer?

cancer cells are immortal they have the potential to reproduce forever contrary to normal cells who have a timer

does cancer kill you in trillion worlds but in one makes you forever young?

but oh grey clouds appear again in the horizont, youll live forever but forever alone cause you can not have the perception of yourself death but you can perfectly have the perception of others

this is actually pretty scarry but maybe theres an easy simple way to cross dimensions

maybe sometime even mankind in the future is called to have multidimensional perception, seeing themselves at the same time at all universes in which they exist and seeing whats aleatorium fate and fixed destiny

church domes as projectors of the clouds in the floor, how easy is to supress a simple thing

when napoleon died they put his corpse in notredame and extreamly unusually the set the right optics oculus for the dome so the clouds in the sky were projected in the ground giving the sensation napoleon was already in heaven

this is a camera obscura:

this is the same principle in a dome:

you can check the effect here

waling on clouds

so its a matter of setting a right optics lens in the oculus but first the church burnt all those who played with this magic and now the new church, science has easily supressed it with nobody noticing

i can easily falsify einstein realitivity proof

einstein predicted a star would move position due to gravitational lensing during an eclipse

that backed up his relativity and that info cant travel faster than 300k kph and its not worth trying going to the stars

but wait wasnt that start behind the sun, and isnt the sun full of an hydrogen and helium atomesphere, gases at high density in a very big atmosphere, yeah the sun does have an atmostphere

and atmosphere is known to cause refraction and move position of things, just like this:

yeah so einsteing getting the nobel price cause a star moved its position, because of REFRACTION not gravitational lensing so the level of scam and conspiracy in the science world and how is it all about admiring the clothes of the naked emperor or be cast out

as a matter of fact didnt the own einstein define relativity as the perception of time being with a young pretty nice lady vs being annoyed at work?

i think refraction is an obvious falsification at einstein relativity proof noone can deny

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

moon eclipses are not as we think

have you ever seen a moon eclipse?

its something like this, observe how defined the edge of the shadow is:

you would see it with the naked eye as that picture, maybe youve seen some, i did

the key is the transition between light and shadow, how can that be defined, lets check the all knowing internet for an answer:

yeah seems theres a step between the umbra and penumbra, the umbra is in total shadow while the penumbra has some light though not full sunlight

in other words the umbra is 100% dark and the penumbra 50% dark and in that transition between 50% and 100% shadow you see the defined edge of the eclipse we could see before

are you satisfied with this majoritary and actually only acepted explanation?

then check this drawing of mine:

yes mine has what in painting is called a gradient, a difumination, it goes from 100% dark to zero% dark slowly and progresively

the main problem is that the  WRONG explanation for moon eclipses fills utterly and absolutely the net while my view of it remains dark cornered and difficult to find

you may see thats just a simplification, its just easier to paint this way, a gradient its difficult to paint, mine is not so good in fact but the idea remains clear

but the poblem is that without simplification theres no explanation, its this simplification which gives birth to the explanation, so if you elliminate the simplification you eliminate the explanation

then on this battle of art against science me, an artist scores a full blow in the nose to scientists who all fell in the same mistake, the blind man guiding the blind man for centuries, an example of copying, the death of originality

come on it just had needed an scientist for some afition to paint who had thought a gradient in the diagram would look neat

but no creativity is forbidden, better not to be signaled and do as the rest do

or is it trully a conspiracy to hide the frightening fact the sky is a dome and all is a lie

do you see anything odd in this picture?

think about it: