domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

how this is the tuffest planet in the universe

what if being monodimensional was not normal, what if the normal perception in this universe even this earth was being multidimensional, that is having a simultaneous percpetion of yourself in differetn circunstances

you would percieve how you die and everything disappears and rememebr it, you would already know the future because it already happened

add it to that free will, you could destroy the universe you didnt like you could buy a lottery ticket and destroy all universes you gambled except the one you win

seems the animal anarchy wouldnt seem adecuate for such power or do even animal already have that power why can two dogs stand by each other barking with no apparent sense?

well while on biperidone ive seen a documental where a tiger kills two baby deer the mom wwaits and soon the baby deer return from other place leaving the tiger eating the corpses

maybe animals are multidimentional and thats why the bark with no apparent sense, maaybe they know very well what they are doing and seeing who has the ball to destroy a whole universe

are you sure youre smarter than animals?

but we us humans our blindness our monodimensionality make us not only immortal to amazing extremes but some of the most resistant and powerfull beings in the universe though extremely dumb and passsionate
human predestination make our free will unmovebable contrar to the multidimentional guys who are a majority on this planet

they can read your mind ill put you some example:

i was seeing a girl who was coming the opposite sense when i thought she was so ugly you could puke to which she started crying 

or i thought when a waiter drop some cutlery by the sound seems a spoon to which an old woman next to me says of course a knive makes more sound, did she read my mind or maybe i vocalize my thoughts with out knowing
well to test that mental hypothesis i insult people around me specialy big guys of course mentally, and they can put faces but they never react
another thought to have is that in the many worlds theory every cracpot theory is right in some world however bizarre

maybe thats the power of madman and why weve been so prosecuted

creer es crear yo creo entonces creo(notice it only works in first person dont let others build your world for you)
belive is create i believe then i create

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