lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

the x count, i dont count like chuck norris to infinite and back but i count beyond infinity

in one second i count 1

 in next half second i count 2,3

in next quarter of second i count 4,5,6,7,

i keep on  and by second 2 i will have counted infinity and if i keep on by second 3 i will have counted beyond infinity

whats so misterious of the X symbol that the coolest things have this name? mr x, the x men, x movies :), x rays

if you pay atention  this:


stands for an infinite road in perspective

then whats this?

an infinite road and more, beyond infinity, forever and a day

exactly what happens when you fall into a blackhole

as you start falling one second of your time is one second in earth
next half second of your time is two seconds on earth
next quarter of second of your time is 4 seconds on earth

by two of your seconds who are falling into a blackhole exactly in the moment you reach the event horizon, eternity has passed by on earth

then in 3 of your seconds transeternity has gone by on on earth

the death having had no perception at all have waited till the end of days and a bit more to resurrect again in next aeon

theres much talk of karma and reincarnation, what if reincarantion was just yourself in different aeons or dimentions

youre born, you live you die, wait forever till the universe ends and restart and then you live  and die again after being reborn

and maybe according your behavior in the previous aeon determines your luck

i dont want to go to heaven and be old in mind forever, boredom would be horrible

i rather think ill be a kid again some day in very similar circunstances

and the caught the ungraspable is that if i will exist again in a way im immortal

not that im gonna live forever but i rather think that when i die here ill wake up in some other place thinking it was all a dream

have you ever ponder in a dream if you are dreaming saying to yourself theres no doubt this is reality to next moment wake up?

what if dreams are visions of ourselves in other dimentions and nightmares remanents of universes that stopped being?

if you think about it the x is a cross, a xtian symbol of resurrection but also a symbol of transfinity

the connections begin to appear clear dont they?

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