viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

dentists or why hypocratic swearing roots the word hypocryt

i went to the dentist two days ago because i broke a wise teeth, he wanted to extract it to whih i said no way, he wanted to extract the two wise teeths i only grew and its odd cause one is perfect

or this other time a young dentist filled where it was healthy teeh and left the cavity alone cause it was difficult to reach

or this other dentist that told me i had five cavities to fill when another dentist told me there was just one

what can you do with this guys, in fact what can you do with all dentists?

can be any vocational, well maybe some sadist went through

but i propose to make something on taxes so dentists dont make so much money from torturing people and scamming them

hell how do animals manage without dentist, what do they do when the cavity recahes the nerve?

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