domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

i can easily falsify einstein realitivity proof

einstein predicted a star would move position due to gravitational lensing during an eclipse

that backed up his relativity and that info cant travel faster than 300k kph and its not worth trying going to the stars

but wait wasnt that start behind the sun, and isnt the sun full of an hydrogen and helium atomesphere, gases at high density in a very big atmosphere, yeah the sun does have an atmostphere

and atmosphere is known to cause refraction and move position of things, just like this:

yeah so einsteing getting the nobel price cause a star moved its position, because of REFRACTION not gravitational lensing so the level of scam and conspiracy in the science world and how is it all about admiring the clothes of the naked emperor or be cast out

as a matter of fact didnt the own einstein define relativity as the perception of time being with a young pretty nice lady vs being annoyed at work?

i think refraction is an obvious falsification at einstein relativity proof noone can deny

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