domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

shrinks or the modern inquisitors

theres much talk of freedom of speech, freedom of speech? theres not even freedom of thought

if youre caught having certain forbidden thoughts by an inquisitor theyre on their right to lock you up electroshock you or even lobotomize you thats why people fear madness theyre afraid of its consequences

well i dont suffer from insanity i enjoy every single second of it

madness without badness can be resume in this work of art, life shovels shit at your face and you smile and make something beautifull out of it like painting some flowers:

and of course to make it worse farmaceutical companies are worse than tobacco ones the pay trips and stuff to shrinks to promote their chemicals

theyill give you antipsicotics which reduce drastically dopamines unable you to feel any satisfaction or pleasure so you become with parkinson symptoms so then you need biperidone which gives you alucinations

yeah thats right to fight the side effects of antipsicotics they give you a product that produces psycosis

next articles will be about how one of the side effects of biperidone are hallucinations by which you see other dimentions specially through tv

ive seen an episode of the simpsons about a messenger pigeon in a wwii london all painted on cover up or guys really afraid of the centurions of the empire, or a documental on a world where people died no more which brought an economic crysis

you know whats the deep reading of the truman show?

that while christ off was setting up truman and watching him unware with all the rest i was watching kristoff with him unware i was watching him all along

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