domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

are we ruled by infiltrated cyborgs from the future?

doesnt this remind you a lot of a pc that freezes?

theres something that sstrikes me from some time ago:

most people dont slant the eyes to the sun even when is low and in front of them

it cant be everybody uses bottox

on this blog i deal with quantum immortality and the multiverse what if somebody was trying to rule the multiverse secretly infiltrating in most universes

i have seen and hear some bizarre things while on tv, things that would lead someone normal insane

prbably the effects of biperidona to treat the nervous breakdown i had in 2002

while the tv on which i was not looking at i heard:

is this meat human?

yes but dont say

or in a show of varieties i heard certain woman had eaten her daughter in the colliseum to which this woman argued that yeah but that her daughter had married kings and millionaires(maybe i was witnessing the own hell tempting a woman?

not to mention what on the radio ssaid once about a human fair

if maybe it was my failing hearing i watched on german tv human corpses hanging on hooks without head while a guy dressed in white gave an interview to the rtl, channel which would be missing the very next day

i watched as well the fashion designs for 2015 from tino casal a guy who died in the 80s, they were long red raincoats style futuristic 30s with samll hats with green and black feathers

seems tv is some kind of crystall ball but ive seen more that took my fear out of cannybalism

first the free will bomb avoids i do something i dont want to if im goint to eat decievefully human meat the free will bomb will explode

and second i rather eat a dude than eat shit

yeah as ive seen on the crystal ball whay they call the wc the service, what do people service? its that what servilletes are for

you should ask your self is there any price for which i would be a sith eater?

if so be sure in some universe society lives sharing their nutrients in the service but swim in gold or whatever they steem :)

ive seen alsom some very starnge things in the crystal ball but well wanna know whats like then watch yourself:

ive seen all this and more in tv:

i have some how the theory that scizophrenia is being under psicological attack by the majority of people who would be cyborgs, theyr quantum immortality comes with a very high prize tag

i can see this cyborgs as the roman empire whos trying to transcedn this universe and rule beyond trying to forbid free will and force their way into shape the universe they want

true hell and theyre the majority, we ar the truemen theyre slaved whose been salved from death for a price

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