lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

free will or the uncouncious ability to destroy the whole universe at will

check this comercial, whats trying to say:

or this other, obviously its referring to the many worlds theory:

how about this little movie i did with it:

all right lets go back to the double slit experiment:

according to it its the observer who somehow collapses the wave function into fact of left or right slit

in other words its the observer who choses the outcome

but if there are two observers how is this posible, what if one choses the right slit and the other the left slit,a problem is bound to appear

but lets suppose the observer doesnt chose what slit does the photon go through but he chooses what slit it does not go through

in other words from the two posible universes, right or left , he choses to destroy one of them so the other becames

so one observer choses left to destroy and the other the the right universe?

no problem both get destroyed

the observers wont notice the died and theyll wait all eternity and a day till the universe repeats and the option of right or left slit repeats

then as the left slit has a slightly more appeal for both observers being things slightly different in next universe both observers chose the right slit universe to be destoryed

this time the left universe goes on with out problem till next choice of what all the observers in the world want to become real

so your responsability in the world you live in has become overwhelmeing now with this litle piece of info for you are the ultimate responsible of whatever happens in this world

the outcome of reality has been your subcouncious choice and you keep blaming others of what you did

if you havent understood ill resume you:

free will is the subcouncious ability to destroy a whole universe in the multiverse, basically in this reality each being has the right to veto to any posibility or outcome

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