jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

what is better the death of a single being or the death of the whole universe?

if a single being dies that will bring sadness to its loved ones, sadness which will be caught by the whole world in just 6 degrees of friendshipness

but the death of the universe, everybody dissapearing instantly without even noticing, well whats wrong with that you just relive your live again slightly different, dont you love your life?, maybe in next aeon

in fact how easy has set god for this universe to be destroyed?

we just cant posibly know how easy this universe is to destory based on practical experience

so you sneeze and in a trillion tries it hasnt destoryed the universe?

how do you know it didnt destroy it a trillion times minus one the one where you can tell, you just wouldnt remember how practical is experience on this?

as a matter of fact the many worlds approach is hatefull unless theres some free will into what to live an not, it would be like forcing somebody to read every psoible book, insanity at its highest

unless theres a really easy way to destroy universe we just dont know about live would be a nightmare, i think every time you get slightly scared you just destroeyd some, ever feel that little rush of adrenaly, uh? and an universe is forever gone

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