lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

how the most powerfull beings of the universe are trying to kill me but now even that bores me

first i want them to suceed i dont want to die in an elderly retirement place but quantum immortality seems doesnt let it be other way

of course i dont notice but by small clues, im like closeau a stupid with a lot of luck

of course i cant see the ricochet or the free will big bang bomb will exlpode like you cant see the gorilla in the selective attention test for its too unexpected and you detonate the bomb when you see it so you can only not see it

the alien who are multidimensional and try to conquer earth cant even show up, if i detonate the bomb if i see a gorilla imagine if a see an lien

i remember when they tried blitzkriegs, is it posible to stop all sound on earth before you even notice

apparently not, maybe they take the hugest effort to stop sound, attack, you fart and then you screw them

a nervous break down is mostly always a psicological attack by not human beings

all schizophrenic are right in a way, what they dont know is of course they are being decieved to put them into that state

i can tell you the voices are very real, telepathy, even hallucinations, just transdimentional issus that not all can percieve

i remember being under attack a couple of years ago, it was really mean i couldnt stand much longer

but i had discovered the power of sound of free will long ago so i wished at the snap of my finger those who would lead their voice, those spirits call them, or alien or angels or whatever got crucified and impalated in the most posible painfull way they would take care of research gogleplexes of times

boy they were silent ever since, they thought they were the only who could be mean they would not expect that sudden turn of me to the dark side

but im so bored now, i write this to subverse the empire so maybe they attack and entertain me

they dont realize every time they attack and i notice is like telling me that my love is very real real and never a waste a time and that my mom is alive in some universe and i wont even get old and live forever here on heaven on some earth in some universe which i should find out how to easily cross as animals do

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